Mam, Mum, Mom or Ma?

Those folk over at Gifts Direct did some research into the ways Irish people interact with their mothers – or rather, mam, as 38% of people prefer to call her. Apparently over half of Irish people tell mam they love her on a weekly basis, though nearly a third never do so (shame on you!). 59% of you said the best thing about mam is homecooked food – with a cup of tea and a chat coming in at a close second – while the most common Mother’s Day present is a lovely bunch of flowers. Not got yours ordered yet? Gifts Direct will deliver a bunch of flowers to one lucky mammy if you answer the following question in the comments box below…

What’s the best thing your mam has ever done for you?

Get your answers in before 12 noon tomorrow (Friday 28 March) for a chance to win!

One thought on “Mam, Mum, Mom or Ma?

  1. My mum saved my life – she deserves a world of thanks but a beautiful bouquet from Gifts Direct would certainly help!


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